The Perfect Summer Bucket List!


Congratulations! You have finished another year of school (look at you adulting and stuff)! Now it’s time to kick off your shoes, put your feet up and relax. But not for too long! Before you know it the summer will be over and gone and you will be back in school. Don’t waste away your summer watching Netflix in your pajamas, inside all day! Get out there and enjoy your summer! The best way to do that? Create a Bucket list! But if your brain is too fried after finals week, we went a head and made one for you! Enjoy!

  1. Float the Boise River with friends
  2. Go to the Idaho Fair: August 19th – August 28th
  3. Go to a drive in movie. Here are some local options for you!
    Terrace Drive-In Theater and Parma Motor-Vu Drive In are the closest to the Boise/Nampa area!
  4. Hike to Table Rock (The real hike, not the one where you drive half way up and walk up a hill)
  5. While you’re there, watch the sunset at Table Rock.
  6. Visit Jump Creek: Now you don’t have to be jealous of all the pictures you see of your friends there! Here’s the location
  7. Go to the lake: Idaho has many great lakes to enjoy this summer, here’s just a few: Lucky Peak, Lake Lowell, Lake Cascade, and Payette Lake in McCall.
  8. Boise Music Festival: Go see your favorite artist this year at the Boise Music Festival!
  9. Go to Roaring Springs for the day.
  10. Play miniature golf at Wahooz!
  11. Dress up all silly and go Cosmic Bowling with friends! Here’s some places you can go: Emerald Lanes, 20th Century Lanes, Pinz Bowling Center, and Big Al’s!
  12. Watch the stars
  13. Take your dog out for a walk on the greenbelt!
  14. Volunteer for your favorite cause.
  15. Make someone feel special
  16. Run through the sprinklers: Because why not?
  17. Make Tie-Dye Shirts, here’s how!
  18. Root beer Floats: Perfect for those really hot days
  19. Pick an official “Summer 2016” song and listen to it in your car with your friends!
  20. Make homemade ice cream! It’s easier than you think! Here’s how!
  21. Go to your local watering hole for some fun. While your at it, play Marco-Polo with a cute stranger!
  22. Play a pick up softball game with your friends
  23. Compliment a stranger
  24. Side walk chalk a cute message for people to see as they walk by.
  25. Create your own slip-n-slide: here’s how
  26. Sit around the campfire and make S’Mores, a summer classic.
  27. Have a BBQ with family and friends
  28. Watch fireworks on the 4th of July
  29. Water balloon fight!
  30. Go Geochaching. Look it up! It’s fun!
  32. Host a bake off with your friends
  33. Read a book from cover to cover! We all know that’s an accomplishment by itself!
  34. Try something that you have never done before
  35. Meet someone new
  36. Switch names with your best friend for the day. While your at it, dress and act like each other, you both will get a kick out of it!
  37. Go camping!
  38. Leave your phone at home for a day. Live in the moment!
  39. Go on a picnic in your favorite park
  40. Tell someone how much they mean to you!

Have any other good ideas? Let us know, or add them to your own Summer Bucket list! Have a great summer TIPPSTERS! HAGS (Remember that from elementary school?! Good times).


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